Trainings - Tuesday, May 17

Afternoon Training Sessions
2-4 p.m.

Trainings are add-ons and not included in the Symposium Pass registration. Each training session is $25 for USGIF Members and $30 for USGIF Non-Members. Sign up for training during the registration process.

The Digital Rucksack—Knowledge Management for Today’s GEOINT LearnerUniversity of Southern California
Osceola Breakout Room 1

This course describes new ways of thinking about managing knowledge for GEOINT professionals. In the digital world of today’s learner, the ability to manage knowledge can now leverage revolutionary methods and tools. The “Digital Rucksack” concept promises to be a way of doing this.

Geospatial Predictive Analytics Tools: Theory and PracticeNovetta
Osceola Breakout Room 2

This session will cover methods for conducting a predictive analytics project, which is called theory driven modeling, and how that process was executed to produce operationally relevant, accurate, and easy-to-use forecasts that intelligence professionals and operators can use to plan interdiction efforts.

Handling Classified and Sensitive Data over Wireless NetworksAruba Government Solutions
Osceola Breakout Room 3

This workshop will cover the foundations of building the NSA Commercial Solutions for classified networks, and it will prepare attendees to make key architectural decisions.

Taming GEOINT Big Data with ScaleBall Aerospace
Osceola Breakout Room 4

This course provides an overview of the challenges related to large GEOINT data sources, the technologies that have been applied, and real-world lessons learned on how to tame GEOINT big data. It will also provide an overview of the recent open-sourced SCALE 3 data processing architecture.

ABI and the Cyber/Location NexusVencore
Osceola Breakout Room 5

Our lives are increasingly dominated by sensor-enabled digital devices that record and stream volumes of information about our patterns of life. Users of these devices leave a tremendous amount of “digital detritus” behind in our everyday activities and reveal our interactions in cyberspace and geospace. This training course applies the principles of Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) to reveal patterns, georeferenced activities, resolve entities, and discover unknown behaviors across the cyber and GEOINT domains. The instructor presents several real-world examples from the recent textbook Activity-Based Intelligence: Principles and Applications (Artech House, 2016) and engages the audience on how this tradecraft can be used to understand activities and anticipate what may happen. The course will also briefly cover the evolution and current status of ABI, address ABI principles and practices in general as well as their application in the Cyber Domain, and review plans for institutionalizing Structured Observation Management and ABI tradecraft and practices.

Pearls of Leadership for Acquisition Program ManagersVincent Snyder, Keymaster Group
Osceola Breakout Room 6

This is an interactive, instructor led course for sharing wisdom in leadership of complex acquisition programs. It is designed for all acquisition professionals working in research and development, acquisition, and sustainment who need leadership tips on how to contribute to improved program management outcomes.

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